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Is there something you want to achieve or

free yourself from?





I’d love to chat to you about any difficulities you are having and to discuss how hypnotherapy could be a positive way forward. 


A way to move on and free yourself...

Are you overwhelmed with anxiety, self-doubt or stress? Have you been battling to lose weight to stop smoking? Do you feel your issue has control over you?


Hypnotherapy can help with a broad range of conditions including IBS, insomnia and anxiety. It can also help give you the motivation to achieve your goals and succeed such as weight loss, exercise and sports goals or simply your focus at work. It can also help with phobias and fears as well as helping to reverse unwanted habits such as nail biting, hair pulling or smoking.





I now offer hypnotherapy online, via Zoom. This has been essential to continue supporting clients during Covid 19 lockdowns. I’ve learnt that hypnotherapy is just as effective online as face to face.


Clients have reported several extra benefits of sessions via Zoom. These include saving time through not having to travel, making it easier to fit appointments into their schedule, and feeling very comfortable being in their own space.  


Call me on:


07950 877039


Or send me a message via the contact form HERE and I will get back to you.




"After my first visit with Ruth Hazeldine I no longer felt my issue was silly, she made me feel calm and that it was a shared problem to be solved.  I left my first session positive, lighter, smiling and looking forward to the next.  


At each session I felt safe, opening up a little bit more to her warm, encouraging nature. Each time I left feeling buoyed up with the knowledge I had been given a tool and the ability to change my life". 



Getting started


It is important that you feel I am the right person to help you.


I offer a free, no obligations, 15 minute consultation (in person, by phone or Zoom).


Simply call me on 07950 877039 or email me for a confidential discussion.


Or fill out the enquiry form HERE.


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