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Sophie, anxiety, low self-esteem and building confidence

I have spent so much of my life living in fear of groups of people and never being myself around them, thinking that no one will like my true self and not even really knowing my true self. I knew how badly I felt but thought I wasn't worth the effort and being left alone with the negative thoughts meant my self-esteem was so low. 

The physical sensations that come with anxiety made it feel too impossible for me to improve myself by doing the things I fear so much, so I just left it for so long. 

However, my role at my work required me to improve, I wasn't functioning to the best of my ability and took it all to heart. After not really having much success with other types of therapy I thought I'd give hypnotherapy a go. 

Hypnotherapy with Ruth has been amazing, it's such a relaxing experience with such profound results - I never thought I'd go to a shop without the uncomfortable physical sensations but after, I think 1 or 2 sessions with Ruth I went to a shop and made friendly conversation with someone working on the till. This was a small stepping stone that paved the way to overcoming some of the much more daunting fears I had and have overcome a lot of them in the short time I've seen Ruth. 

Another really useful tool that Ruth offers is teaching self-hypnosis and it's such an amazing experience that has really helped me to work on myself and heal.

Hypnotherapy is amazing, I never thought I'd overcome so much in such a short time. 


Thank you so much Ruth!

Anonymous, alcohol addiction

(Normally I include first names here, however this client was keen to provide

a testimonial, but wants to remain anonymous.)


I reached out to Ruth in absolute desperation, I had for many years built a

really negative relationship with alcohol, well to be specific wine. I was at a

point in my life where I would find any excuse to drink and hide and run from

fears, I would find excuses not to go see friends or exercise etc just so I could

get home and sink my negative self into a bottle of plonk. 


After years of rubbish sleep because that's what alcohol does, I woke one

morning, looked at myself, which was a mess, I thought enough is enough.


I was nervous at first, as it's the unknown and I have trust issues but I was greeted with such kindness and warmth, Ruth didn't judge me, didn't make me feel ashamed and embarrassed, she accepted me for me, which Instantly gave me full trust and faith I needed to feel.


During our sessions, Ruth helped me focus on the future and what it would like to be sober, I was overwhelmed at the idea of being free. We would also address the negative feelings I was holding on to and worked on letting them go. 


Ruth really took the time to understand me and find out what were my triggers for drinking and helped me overcome all these.

I can so very happily say I am sober, I am proud and I am blessed to have found Ruth.


Forever Grateful 

George (age 10), returning to school anxiety after coronavirus lockdown

From George's mum: My son has always been anxious when dealing with sudden changes or new situations. Faced with returning to school after time away due to lockdown, along with the alterations to the start of the school day, resulted in him becoming very anxious and eventually refusing to go in. Spending time with Ruth has given him the skills to feel more in control of his anxiety and the difference it has made in such a short amount of time has been amazing. Our mornings are now relaxed and positive about the day ahead and we couldn't have done it without Ruth!


Jackie, weight loss

I contacted Ruth as I desperately wanted to lose weight. I had realised that it was my mind letting me down and blocking me from losing weight. Ruth was able to change my thoughts onto positive thoughts by picturing myself as I wanted to be and having personal goals. Those images have had such a positive effect on me and still do today (I finished my treatment 6 weeks ago). Today I feel positive about myself and in control of my eating habits. I feel I can exercise with my family and friends which previously I had been avoiding. I'm even going skiing with friends, originally, I had declined as didn’t t feel physically up to it whereas now I can’t wait! Thank you, Ruth for your support and guidance.


Luke (8 years old), bedwetting

From Luke’s mum: I approached Ruth regarding my son following my own positive experience with her. My son aged 8 at the time

had not been dry at night consistently ever! We hoped that as time passed the issue would resolve itself but it started to get

frustrating for Luke as he wanted to start having sleepovers with his friends and the constant changing of sheets in the middle of

the night was becoming stressful for us all! Luke had 3 sessions Ruth and felt more and more positive after each session. After the

third session we saw a huge improvement. It's been over 2 months now since he saw Ruth and he has been consistently dry since. We can't thank her enough. In Luke's words "We've cracked it".

Kate, positivity

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my sessions with Ruth so went along with an open and hopeful mind as I knew I had to start making some big changes in my life in order to break my negative thinking and move forward. After the initial session I felt a huge shift in my perspective, which was unexpected and very powerful. The further sessions built on that. I’m now facing the future with a renewed optimism and hope. Ruth has helped me refocus on what’s really important and has given me a toolbox of strategies to work by myself on going forward. If you are stuck in a negative situation and can’t seem to break the cycle I’d highly recommend sessions with Ruth. It worked for me in such a short space of time leaving me feeling not only empowered and in control again but with the knowledge that I have the power to make good choices to take my life where I really want it to be.


Penny, stop smoking


It was with some trepidation that I decided to contact Ruth. I had a serious smoking habit which was ruining my health and my pocket, and I was so ashamed that I didn't have the will power to do it on my own! I need not have worried, Ruth was kind, gentle and I didn't feel judged. After one session I decided to go cold turkey and put all Ruth's advice into operation, and I had two more sessions just to cement her positive advice. Five weeks later I am still smoke free and feel so much better for it.

Thank you very much Ruth and good luck in the future, hypnosis really did work for me.

Jackie, ambulophobia (fear of walking)

I can’t thank Ruth enough, she has completely turned my life around, I've finished my sessions with her, but I have come away with the tools to help me through any anxious times I may have in the future. I can't believe how well I feel after only 4 sessions. I suffer from dreadful anxiety & Ruth has taught me breathing techniques & other exercises that I use when I feel anxious. When Ruth uses hypnotherapy, I am so relaxed that I can feel every muscle in my body relax & when she brings me round it's like waking from a really lovely deep sleep, I feel so calm & relaxed. I feel so good now. I really looked forward to each session.

Lucy, public speaking

I decided to seek help from Ruth with my anxieties over public speaking. For years I had muddled my way through the work place using avoidance tactics, but the time had finally come for me to face my anxieties if I had any hope of progressing my career further.


I felt instantly at ease with Ruth and even after the first session I could feel an improvement. My work with Ruth enabled me to work through my own barriers, building on my own strengths and re-programming my thinking. My confidence in speaking publicly has improved greatly and I see it as a work in progress using the self-hypnosis techniques I have learnt. The self-hypnosis has also been transferable to other issues in my life and keeps me on track if I feel I need it.


Lorraine, dog phobia

I saw dogs last week, but was very relaxed, I didn’t bat an eyelid, I was very happy. It’s a big step forward. I know it has helped me and it’s not just with dogs, it has helped with so much in my life.


Thank you Ruth for all of your help… feel so confident to move forward to making my life even happier and taking those positive steps.


You have made me realise life is what you make it and remove the bad. Stay relaxed and enjoy life to the max. It is all in your own hands, but having help along the way is always positive and very welcomed.

Adrian, insomnia


After years of suffering from insomnia, mainly due to what I thought was lifestyle and work related stress; despite having considered it, I never really engaged with the idea of trying a cure via hypnosis. That is until I heard from a friend about Ruth Hazeldine.


What Ruth did for me was astonishing. She quietly and intuitively helped me, across four progressive sessions, to discover and understand the inner root causes of my problem(s) and then gently guided me, by the use of hypnosis, into a highly worthwhile self-healing mode.


The final result has not only helped me achieve far more regular and rewarding sleep but has also considerably changed my whole mental outlook on life for the better - given me back my ‘joie de vivre’ and allowing me to pace my ambitions and calm or discard distorted nightly worries.


Thank you Ruth so much for your kindness and highly professional understanding… I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others with similar problems.

Grace, trichotillomania (hair pulling)

Ruth Hazeldine treated me for a longstanding habit, trichotillomania (pulling my hair out), that had been a huge, negative part of my life for over 20 years. With no previous experience of hypnotherapy, I really didn't know what to expect but, with Ruth, I found it to be incredibly comfortable, relaxing and empowering and I am now in complete control of my former habit.


Ruth is an amazing therapist, making you feel completely at ease and calm. She has incredible insight into how we all work and specifically tailored my sessions to my own personal needs, emotions and psyche. She gave me the tools to deal with my habit in any situation and to have confidence in my own abilities. Not only has this stopped my habit, but it also transfers to other areas of my life, where I now feel more in control and know that I have the power to change things. I cannot recommend Ruth highly enough. She has an amazing natural skill to see the person within and to want to help bring out the best in us all.

Sharon, anxiety

After my first visit with Ruth Hazeldine I no longer felt my issue was silly, she made me feel calm and that it was a shared problem to be solved.  I left my first session positive, lighter, smiling and looking forward to the next. At each session I felt safe, opening up a little bit more to her warm, encouraging nature. Each time I left feeling buoyed up with the knowledge I had been given a tool and the ability to change my life.

Everyone who has given a testimonial above is happy to be contacted.

Please contact Ruth if you would like to find out more.


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